The quality of a bow is fundamental both for the timbre of the instruments and the musicians’ technique. Conscious of the bond between the artist and this precious complement, I will take the utmost care to rehair your bow accurately and in the shortest possible time.

The hair I use comes from Mongolian horses. It is known for its regularity and resistance. I also carry out general repairs on bows (leather silver, golden, or silk wire, welding, mother-of-pearl, reconstruction of damaged or missing parts of the frog, ivory plate, rebending of the stick, etc.). Care and cleaning products are also available.

A large selection of various pernambuco bows for all string instruments is available, as well as baroque bows in snake wood.

You can if you wish come to my workshop and I will quickly rehair your bow while you wait. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable!

M. Menanteau, Roma 2010

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